CrossFit Rocksolid gym (affectionately referred to by some as the “Box”) offers personal and group functional fitness programs.  Functional fitness improves your ability to perform daily activities.

We give motivated individuals a workout that is universally scalable, broad, and inclusive. Everyone uses the same ‘WOD’ (Workout of the Day).  We scale the routines by varying load and intensity, not by cutting movements.

CrossFit Rocksolid’s strength and conditioning program uses constantly varied functional movements at a high-intensity.  We combine weightlifting, sprints, push-ups, plyometrics, calisthenics, rope climbing and more. We throw equipment like barbells and plates, medicine balls, rowing machines, jump ropes and kettle-bells into the WODs.   We’re all about measuring our athletes’ (everyone is an athlete, after all) endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, and balance.

CFRS makes sure each day in the Box is different. Exciting. Motivating. Sweaty.

Since our humble start in 2011, we’ve fostered a strong community of welcoming and supportive people. People who are as different as they are alike.  People who are good natured…who will welcome a newcomer by introducing themselves because they have come to appreciate the value competition and camaraderie add to their day.

What do we do at CrossFit Rocksolid?  We challenge you to do more than you think you can.


A Q&A with the owner, Mike Armento

  1. Why CrossFit Rocksolid?

The mission at CrossFit Rocksolid is to make the average person a healthier, happier and a more fit version of themselves. We have a welcoming community and caring coaches who will go the extra mile to make all our members comfortable and confident.  We work with each and every member to provide a customized level of training from the basic beginner to the highly-trained athlete.

A CFRS class is the one hour a day where everyone from a stay at home moms to CEOs to law enforcement can have to themselves and leave feeling accomplished and ready to tackle anything the world may throw at them.   We strive to design each WOD to be challenging and results oriented, and create an emotional, social and physical outlet for our members.

The sense of community and comradery at CFRS is why we have continued to grow and thrive since 2010.  Not only do we focus on each individual members needs, we also contribute regularly to the community through fundraisers, charity events like Lifting for Lilly, and Barbells for Boobs.

  1. How do you make your clients feel?

Our goal is to make the average person a healthier and more fit version of themselves. We have a welcoming community and caring coaches who will go the extra step to make our members comfortable. Everyone from ex-couch potato to competitive athlete are treated the same.

Our goal is to make every person that comes through our doors feel empowered, welcome, healthier, and supported.

  1. How is Rocksolid different?

CFRS has grown into a community of people from all lifestyles.

Some gyms and fitness programs cater to a specific group of people. Our members range from seniors seeking to stay active and healthy, to high school athletes looking to improve their performance, as well as busy moms and professionals wanting to stay physically and mentally sharp. Almost nothing makes us happier than seeing a mom of three sweating through her WOD right next to a member who participated in a CrossFit competition over the weekend.  They’re all doing the same WOD scaled to their fitness level.

We are in this for the long haul and want our members to be, too. We welcome feedback. Our certified coaches are well-trained to support individuals at any fitness level.

We are inclusive…like any other family, there is always room for one more!

  1. Take us through the history of Rocksolid?

The CrossFit concept began in California in 2000. This new idea of always-changing, short, intense workouts slowly picked up steam, word spread, and CrossFit started showing up in fitness circles creeping toward the east coast. Before it became a household name – sometime in early summer 2008 – myself and a group of friends began experimenting with the program at local gyms, our houses and parks. The results that we were getting were nothing short of amazing. CrossFit was getting us in beach body shape in half the time of a traditional workout. I think what we thrived on most of all was that every day we were learning something new or challenging ourselves in a different way. It never got boring. That still holds true today.

Before long, we added a few more friends… and we just knew we were on to something. I approached Earl Metzler of Metzler’s Gymnastics about leasing appx. 200 sqft. of space inside his Downingtown gymnasium. Thanks to Earl’s belief in us, we had the space to mark off a small Box and purchase a few pieces of equipment. Over the next year, we continued learning all we could about the program while slowly growing to about 20 consistent participants.   We decided to take the next step and hold some classes.

That’s when CFRS was born. On January 2nd, 2011, we officially became a CrossFit affiliate. We were able to acquire another 800 sqft in the back corner of Metzler’s and our membership jumped to 50 Cross Fitters!   In 2012, it was clear that we were busting at the seams. We began to search for something bigger… we found it and moved into our 2nd spot. This location was 3000 sqft. and our membership jumped to 100 members within the year! We loved the location, but once again – we quickly outgrew it.

In 2013, CFRS opened the doors to its current 6000 sqft. home on Boot Road in Downingtown. We have over 150 members with 7 coaches and growing.

I’m grateful and proud to say that to this day, many of our original members continue to be with us.

  1. Why do your members trust you and your coaches?

I believe our members trust us because our coaches walk the talk. Our coaches will take a class and work through a WOD right next to our members. We haven’t stopped experimenting and learning. We love participating in competitions, cheering on others as they compete, and watching someone get a pull-up for the first time.  It never gets old. We are passionate about CrossFit and it shows.

Our Coaches

Mike Armento

Mike Armento

Amy Hiller

Amy Hiller

Adam Owen

Adam Owen

Molly Robb

Molly Robb