Saturday Post WODYour interest in CrossFit and CrossFit Rock Solid has been peaked, so now what do you do? It is very easy to get started. We want to emphasize that CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your background or fitness level. All we expect is an open mind, a positive attitude, a commitment to yourself and the program.

If you are interested in learning more and seeing what it is all about, all you need to do is call or e-mail us and we’ll welcome you to our free trial class. If you would like to bring a friend that is fine too! There is no pressure or no hard sales. We want to meet you, show you our facility and lead you to the next step in your journey of health and fitness.

  • FREE TRIAL CLASS (optional)
    Come on in, take a quick tour and experience a CrossFit workout built just for you
  • FUNDAMENTALS (mandatory)
    These four classes are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday nights and last about an hour and a half. You will learn the fundamental movements used here at CFRS. This course also teaches our athletes to use proper form, execute full range of motion and how/when to scale a workout. You will also be introduced to the theories and practices used at our gym.
    After completing fundamentals, athletes may then join in any of the scheduled “regular” classes. A typical class will start with a dynamic warm-up, some strength or skill work and then the daily WOD (Workout of the Day). Each class will be held in a group setting as we expect our members to know and support each other. Everyday we post a different workout (WOD), by utilizing constantly varied functional exercise either taught that day or from a previous day. The exercises, the order, the load, the volume, and the time component will change with every workout. This will allow you to maximize results and keep you from becoming conditioned to the same workout. Each workout has a competitive aspect. Although you are competing with others and against the clock, the workout is yours and yours alone and you are your best competition!

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