Dara Crane

Dara Crane

A lot of people think that CrossFit is only for people who can climb ropes, do handstand pushups and “real” pull-ups. Well it is. And now I can. And I’m a regular Mom.

I have always been an active person. However, after having my second child in a three-year span, I was frustrated with my lack of energy, stamina and, quite frankly, my jean size. Although I was unhappy, I lacked the motivation to find childcare, to go to a gym just to stand there and look at a bunch of equipment I didn’t know how to use. Ultimately, I knew I would end up on the treadmill and be bored after five minutes. I needed a better option. After some coaxing from a few friends, I went to my first CrossFit class. I haven’t looked back since.

CrossFit has provided a way for me to get an excellent workout and model a healthy example for my kids, now ages 6 and 4. We talk about making good food choices and staying active. My daughter, who still joins me at class, has even been known to lead an ab session when the mood strikes her.

The community at CrossFit Rock Solid was a huge factor toward my success. The members, no matter what class time they attend, are like family.

We support and encourage each other during class. We celebrate weddings, babies, graduations and successes together. In times of need, we band together to pull each other through. This is definitely something I wouldn’t have found on the treadmill.

I have worked hard, lost just over 40 pounds, made lifelong friends, and have accomplished things I never thought I could as an athlete, let alone a Mom. Oh yeah, and I can climb a rope!

-Dara Crane