Michael Evangelista

Michael Evangelista

I was introduced to CrossFit Rock Solid in February of 2011. My wife and I had just returned from vacation and I noticed that my “fat guy” clothes were now getting tight. I wanted to do something other than the global gym workouts I had done in the past. Starting CrossFit and eating Paleo turned out to be perfect for me.

Show up, follow the workouts, work hard and you will get results.

There were obvious results like losing 35 pounds, 38 inch jeans down to 32 inch, as well as improved cholesterol numbers which allowed me to stop taking statin medication. I had always suffered from allergies and had to stock up on Claritin at the beginning of every Spring. Now allergies are no longer a problem for me. I used to get sick a few times a year but after joining CrossFit Rock Solid, I have only been sick once.

Mike and the staff at Rock Solid have made working out fun and something that I look forward to doing. The members have become good friends and the environment at Rock Solid is inviting and supportive to all. CrossFit has changed my life and I am thankful I walked in to Metzler’s Gym back in 2011 for my first WOD.