Legendary Masters Classes

This class is geared toward the 50+ population who are in need of a structured program taught by a Licensed  Health Professional and CrossFit Coach.

The focus of this program is teach functional fitness in a fun, social environment. This class will assist with basic life functions from getting off the ground to carrying groceries. We will focus on safe movement, increasing mobility, and building strength.


This class will increase:

*core, balance,flexibility
*mobility to decrease injury and falls
*movement quality
*functional fitness and cardio


Our coaches will ensure that you can move at your own pace and within your physical limitations. This class will move at a slower pace and have many options for scaling or regressing movements. You will be pushed but only to your current fitness level.  


Other Benefits May include:
    *decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease

    *increased bone density

    *increased strength, flexibility
      and stamina

    *improved work capacity for daily activities

    *increased energy and mental health

    *improved balance and reduced risk of injury

    *great social environment


Class Times

Monday 8:15am

Wednesday 8:15am

Friday 8:15am